Real Estate Video Tour

Increase Your Marketing Power

Real Estate Video Tour

Showcase the property features effortlessly and quickly

Video Add-on

Add unique features to your online marketing presence

Professional Voice-over Narration

Voice-over Narration completes your virtual tour with storytelling and feature descriptions, so that buyers will not miss a thing. Houssmax professional audio delivery also personalizes videos to help buyers feel valued and appreciated, with appropriate speed and pleasant tones. Add this feature to your video to connect with buyers on a more emotional level.

Agent Intro Video Footage

Be a real estate star for your listing properties and showcase the best pros to offer for a short part of the video. In this part, not only agents can highlight the key features of property, the video itself also becomes more memorable than regular videos.

Motion Video Footage

Motion Video Marketing has gained tremendous popularity in real estate marketing these years. Houssmax offers professional editings for property listings, including but not limited to, basic video editing (cut/merge clips), sequencing, video enhancement (color correction, voice-over, titling, transitions, subtitles etc.