Virtual Staging

Convert your imagination into a clear and realistic vision

Visualizing a home at its highest potential with your choice of style and furniture to bring life into a vacant space – a powerful way to convert your imagination into a clear and realistic vision.

Virtual Staging for an Empty Home

Bring a vacant space come to life!

Virtual Staging is a proven method to increase buyers’ interest in the property and a way to sell faster by showcasing the home at its highest potential to buyers. Appealing your listing photos to your potential buyers by conceptualizing an empty living space into a welcoming and lively looking home!


Style and Furniture Selection

Choose your own style

Whether you envision a modern, industrial or traditional style, we offer a wide range of furniture selection to align with your ideal style of the home hence attracting your target buyers. You may also send a reference photo to us to find alternative items to come up with a similar result.

Bedroom Farmhouse

Bedroom Modern

Bedroom Traditional

Bedroom Scandinavian

Living Farmhouse

Living Modern

Living Traditional

Living Scandinavian

Virtual Renovation

Visualize your imagination!

Through virtual staging, your imagination can be converted into realistic visuals with the use of technology and professional interior design. Changing up the walls, ceilings, floors, removing furniture and re-staging are now much easier to bring to mind vividly. It is the best way to foresee when changing room functions and the interior design of the home from one style to another.



What is your turnaround time ?
We deliver within 1-2 business days after the photo shoot.
What can I do if I cannot find the furniture I have in mind from your catalogue ?
We are working on expanding our furniture archives! In the meantime, you are more than welcome to send us a reference photo. That way we can find alternative items to align your vision at our best.
What if I needed adjustments after receiving my staged photos ?
Sure! You can have one revision per photo at no charge. If you needed revision for the second time and onward, it will cost $19 per revision for each photo.
(Please note that our revision does not include changing the whole interior style and changing the room functions.)
I want to go for a different style after receiving my staged photos, can you revise it ?
Our revision does not include changing the whole interior style. For example: changing from modern to traditional style. This is considered as a new image to be virtually staged.
I want to switch up the room functions after receiving my staged photos, can you revise it ?
Changing the room functions after receiving your staged photos is considered as a new job, it is not part of our revision service. For example: changing from a living room into a dining room. We highly suggest determining the functions of each room before placing your order.
How much is it to virtual stage my photos?

Virtual Staging - for vacant homes

$49/photo for less than 10 photos
$39/photo for more than 10 photos

Virtual Renovation - for changing walls, ceilings, floors, etc.

$79/photo for less than 5 photos
$69/photo for more than 5 photos