Floor Plan

Measurement and Drawing

Floor Plan Measurement and Drawing

Now, many retirement communities, condominiums, and apartments have floor plans available online. However, the actual layout of your apartment may be slightly different than a standard layout—due to repairs, renovations, or simple necessary changes during construction. Great photos might only show people's interest. Actual floor plan do can bring the space into people's mind.

More Reasons to have floor plans
  • - Idea for relocation and out-of state Buyers and Renters.
  • - Enables clients to review the property again and again.
  • - Verified room dimensions and square footage.
  • - Clarifies confusing home layouts.
  • - Pre-qualify showings to only interested buyers and Renters.
  • - Emphasizes unique building features.
  • - Aids in visualizing furniture placement.
  • - Acts as a tool for potential remodel.
  • - PDF and JPEG formats are ideal for brochures, e-mail, and web sites.
  • - Leaves a lasting impression in you marketing material.

Floor Plan Demo

Data Sheet Demo